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Who is this Crash Course for ?

  • Students who wish to ace their CET Exam.
  • Students who believe they have not fully reached their potential and want to improve their score.
  • Students who need Last Minute Revision to clear their concepts through intensive problem solving sessions.

Why Should I attend ?

  • Build a strong foundation of concepts.
  • Sharpen your problem-solving ability.
  • Master speed and accuracy improvement techniques.


Expert faculty

Complete Syllabus coverage in 120 hours

68 Tests with Detailed analysis

Daily Study Plan

  • Phase I - Concept Building

    In this crucial phase, each class will:

    • Begin with a one-hour diagnostic test to allow students to test their grasp of concepts.
    • Consist of a concept building session to strengthen students’ concepts and clear their doubts.
    • Conclude with a home-based evaluation test to check how much students’ have improved.
  • Phase II - Testing and Perfecting

    In this phase students will:

    • Attempt 48 Part Syllabus Tests and 20 Full Syllabus Online Tests.
    • Analyse their performance in the Sit-Down tests through our Performance Feedback System
    • Build speed through practice and test-taking strategies.
    • Develop the right exam temperament.

Get 15 hours free access to our Live Crash Course and 5 Online Mock Test